Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Using a human-centred design approach, Mobdiun’s local innovation consists in offering a set of free and quality services and activities addressing youth most pressing challenges and leveraging their untapped potential. This includes ongoing art and theatre programs as well as activities targeting socio-economic inclusion and professional development of the youth.

Following its mid-term action plan, Mobdiun is implementing a pilot project in Kram Ouest in order to serve “the 9.000 teenagers aged 10 – 19” who live in the area.

In its longer-term vision, Mobdiun ambitions to scale up the work to similar underserved neighbourhoods and potentially impact 500.000 young people from the same age group.

Mobdiun organized workshops with more than 500 teenagers from Kram Ouest to share the results of the sociological study Being a Teenager in Kram Ouest, to receive their feedback, understand their priorities and identify a group of 20 youth with leadership capacities.

Modiun uses the concept of the Theater of the Oppressed  developed by Augusto Boal, based on the work of Paulo Freire to engage with the youth and support their efforts to creatively overcome the different situations of oppression they are victim of in their everyday lives.

A group of 4 youth endowed with artistic talent was selected, to co-write a theater play that speaks to their challenges and dreams. The play “En train de” or “On the tracks” was performed in front of 220 people, and filmed by the national TV & France 24 with the plan to tour the country’s festivals fostering a debate around youth issues in marginalized areas.


Artistic, citizen leadership, and economic inclusion programs are being run and currently serve about 300 youth from Kram Ouest.

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