Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

At Mobdiun, we work nationally and globally to mobilize governments, private sector, and civil society organizations to raise awareness, foster policy dialogue, initiate programs, and change policies around youth issues and violent extremism prevention. 

At the national level, Mobdiun’s study was presented to the National Commission Fighting Terrorism (CNLCT) in Tunisia that published it on its website emphasizing the importance of the study’s findings in understanding the root causes of youth radicalization. 

Mobdiun presented the study outcome to the European Delegation in Tunisia (DUE), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) that appreciated the innovative approach to violent extremism prevention and supported the continuity of Mobdiun’s work on the ground.

To influence security and development policies designed to prevent violent extremism, Mobdiun co-founded ASL (the Alliance for Security and Liberties), a nation-wide alliance of civil society organizations collaborating on researching, publishing, and advocating for policies centered around citizens rights to exercise their liberties while being protected by security forces respectful of human rights. A few weeks after its creation, ASL succeeded in stopping the amendments of the 2015 anti-terrorist law avoiding more restriction on freedoms and hindering the shrinking of civil society space.

As part of ASL, Mobdiun co-published an important policy brief contributing to the national debate on state strategy to violent extremism prevention.

At the regional level, Mobdiun was invited to share its diagnosis and recommendations to multiple stakeholders such as think tanks, i.e. the International Peace Institute (IPI), and government representatives from North Africa, Sahel and Sahara regions.

At the global level, Mobdiun is the co-founder of WASL (the Women Alliance for Security Leadership – WASL that also means Link in Arabic, Urdu and Farsi) connecting women led grassroots community initiatives with governments and international organizations in order to shape global security and development policies through gendered and bottom up approaches. In 2017 and championed by the Prime Minister of Norway, WASL launched the Global Solutions Exchange platform during the UN General Assembly. Our platform enables a consultation mechanism between local initiatives, governments, and multi-lateral organizations. WASL organized numerous meetings with global stakeholders and published 10 global policy briefs since its creation.


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