Academic Research

Academic Research

One of the main pillars of Mobdiun’s work is academic research that supports our approach and informs our program design and implementation. Mobdiun started its activity by conducting a sociological study called Being a Teenager in Kram Ouest, 7 years after the Revolution of January 14, 2011 in Tunisia with 475 adolescents from Kram Ouest, a disenfranchised neighborhood of the capital Tunis and two of its neighboring better-off areas.

The study is an exploratory needs assessment that lists the teenagers’ vulnerabilities and barriers to inclusion. It also analyzes their resilience factors towards violence and radicalization, at the individual, family, and community levels. It concludes offering a series of hands-on recommendations addressed to government, private sector and civil society organizations in order to prevent violent extremism and to provide the right conditions for youth fulfillment in working-class neighborhoods of Tunisia.

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