About us

Who we are:
Mobdiun – Creative Youth is a Tunisian
non governmental organization that uses
civic innovation to drive social impact.

Our vision of the world:

A Tunisian society where all youth, especially the youth living in the most marginalized areas, are active citizens, inspired to bring positive change through peaceful and creative ways.

Our mission to contribute to it:

We inspire youth to peacefully and creatively lead the change in their communities and to help building the Tunisian democracy.

How we’re doing it:
We work with young people living in working class areas and communities targeted by violent extremist groups.

Using arts, sports and technology, we provide them with opportunities to build skills, access resources, and integrate networks to foster their creativity as builders of the Tunisian society.

We also mobilize government, private sector and civil society groups in order to encourage policy dialogue and lead change around youth issues and priorities.